Saturday, May 20, 2006

The compelling power of mass media.

Everyone knows, actually feels this, unless "living under a rock", one has been. Examples, too many to mention. (sorry I felt Yodaish). See? I can't even resist that one. Who would deny the pervasive influence of S-Files, Pinoy Big Brother, and the infamous Wowowee, no less. And we are not even talking about Bollywood.

Now for a bit of trivia: The phrase "lock and load" should have been more logically "load and lock" - in reference to the M1 mechanism- from 1941.

Enters the Duke, in Sands of Iwo Jima, sometime in 1949. And the illogical "lock and load"* made "more" sense since. Thanks to Hollywood.

Talk of the old mass media. Would "mas media" have been more meaningful? Time to look elsewhere. Care for a serving of youtube?

* BTW I got that from word origins.

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JCV720 said...

"lock and load" is kinda like "cookies and cream".