Sunday, November 12, 2006

Higher Order Thinking Skills and Web 2.0

I am testing the validity of mapping Web 2.0 tools to Bloom's Taxonomy
of Educational Objectives.

  1. Knowledge - rss/atom
  2. Understanding - blogs
  3. Application - wikis
  4. Analysis - (Google trends?)
  5. Synthesis - evolutionary mash-ups
  6. Evaluation - poll
  7. Innovation* - revolutionary mash-ups (blending elements from totally novel dimensional sources)
* The last one is my idea. Would appreciate comments.


Jon Husband said...

I think most innovation consists of mash-ups .. I predict some day we'll see a metric named "Return On Human Interaction", as well.

joelogs said...

Very intriguing prediction Jon. Sure hope big business gets around to recognize that soon. There's a lot of "invisible money" in social capital. Reminds me of