Sunday, October 28, 2007

Old Media is Dying?

Perhaps it just needs a more participatory shot in the arm.

Read more of George Dearing's thoughts on this.

How about walking the talk? First stop could be Community Walk. That takes care of Space; now there must be a way to embed an element of Time. I am thinking of Dandelife.


Anonymous said...

So what's your point?

Mr. Dearing claims the following--

"What do you think about the five trends below?

Marketing as Conversation:

It’s less about sending a message and more about conversing. More than half the marketers say they plan to increase their PR budgets to help in this regard.

Insight into Foresight:

Technology enhances targeting capability and 80% of marketers surveyed place a high importance on behavioral targeting.

Media is the New Creative:

Distribution and context rivals creative execution in importance. A new role of “communications integrator” is emerging that bridges the gap between media, creative and brand strategy. More than 80% of participants say communications planning capabilities will be critical moving forward.

Marketing + Math + Technology:

Data quality, quantity and accessibility mean that math is everywhere. Leaders are more likely to have the metrics and capabilities to judge the effects of new media.

The Network Effect:

Digital media requires a far higher level of collaboration and coordination across all players. Nearly 60% of survey respondents believe creative, strategic and media capabilities should be rebundled–but there is no consensus as to which type of agency should lead."

He cites some trends but he doesn't have statistics of the facts or how to achieve what he's saying. He's just good in using words like "communications integrator" but he doesn't say how new media can be used in creative or brand stategy.

Can't say much..

mavic pineda
manila, phils

joelogs said...

Thanks for the comment. Perhaps that proves the point of the value of participation. This link might give some useful leads.