Friday, January 11, 2008

Science of Coffee

Science and the City shares a podcast featuring the Chairman of illycaffe S.p.A. discussing the chemistry and technology behind great tasting coffee. [via Cory Doctorow]

Click on the image below to listen to the mp3 file.

Now for the art of drinking coffee, here's how they do it in Italy.

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The Nashman said...

Yeah, I was first surprised the first time around that I had to pay for my coffee first in italy before france they don't kick you out for lingering too long even if you only ordered one coffee....(unlike chinese-run cafes). the best coffee ritual i think is early morning rush hour in spain. it's every one for himself in getting the barista's attention and you have to shout out your order.

in starbucks, you are paying for the superficial 'customer service with a smile crap'....