Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Obsolete skills and Web 2.0 resumes

In 1993, Seymour Papert wrote a premonitory piece about Knowledge Machines and how "reading will no longer be the unique primary access road to knowledge and learning, and it should therefore no longer be the dominant consideration in the design of School."

The argument continues:
"Demoting reading from its privileged position in the school curriculum is only one of many consequences of Knowledge Machines. A child who has grown up with the freedom to explore provided by such machines will not sit quietly through the standard curriculum dished out in most schools today. Already, children are made increasingly restive by the contrast between the slowness of School and the more exciting pace they experience in videogames and television. But the restiveness is only a pale precursor to what will come when they can freely enter virtual realities of animals in Africa or wars in ancient Greece."
Makes one wonder what skill set companies would be looking for in the 21st century workplace.

Fast forward to 2008: You must have heard of video resumes. And Web 2.0 job sites like jobfox.com promises to "have great companies pursue you" with features like tag clouds and mindmaps for your online CV.

Which brings me to this question: Does that mean it makes better sense to learn via YouTube videos?

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