Thursday, November 24, 2005

My article on Social Software:

Knowledge Management (KM) is a powerful tool that leverages computer networks’ ability to break down barriers of time and space. While KM has been primarily designed for use in business environments, there is some potential for it to be ported in the area of Indigenous Knowledge (IK) or Folk Knowledge (FK). Through KM, we can combine science and local knowledge, and hopefully harness the best science of the digital haves and the best indigenous wisdom of the digital have-nots. This paper aims to explore the usefulness of diverse open-source Social Software to support KM in the area of FK. A survey of available Social Software will demonstrate the possibilities for collecting, preserving and sharing a range of cultural artifacts. However, in the framework of a technologically compliant Social Software application, it is the social factor that dictates the usefulness of any given KM system for FK. Read more.

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