Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Look what I found!

Ran into Rice Bowl Journals (an asian online journal community) and felt the usual urge to expand my ties (Read: share). Guess what? The joining requisites were a tad stricter than your average garden variety community website. In particular, they wanted a B&W foto of me. But my "official" blogger foto wouldn't cut it, not to mention that I was too lazy to launch a Photo editing software for such a simple task as converting a foto to B&W. So I fired a google search of [convert "black and white" photo online]. Lo and behold, it returned http://www.pxn8.com/. Then, a moment of online picture editing zen. Sweet!


JP Loh said...

Cool! Works with Flickr and looks Web2.0 friendly too. Checkout ajaxWrite, a free web-based Word clone (no need to register, just fire it up).

joelogs said...

Yeah, Thanks! Found ajaxSketch too". Website says it's "Great for diagramming, flow charts, free hand drawing, and more. With a similar look and feel to popular drawing programs, you don't need to learn a new interface." Promising! Who needs Visio?