Friday, April 28, 2006

More Philippine Folk Knowledge musings.

The Sakadas of Hawaii celebrated their 1st centenary this year. Must have been a culturally enriching experience. (I wonder who is doing KM of the artifacts). The Manilamen of Louisiana have a longer history, 243 years to be exact. (Marina Espina has done a great job at preserving this, "Katrina" nothwitstanding .) The "Chinos de Manila" of Mexico date back to 1570(?), or a good 436 years. (Ricardo Pinzon, "a great fan of the Filipinos and their contribution to Mexico’s growth as a nation, is writing a book on the Filipino presence in his country, a fact largely ignored by historians.") That is as far back as our diverse "Filipino" culture reaches. Good thing we have the likes of dedicated historians Espina and Pinzon to document, preserve and share cultural artifacts. There's got to be more caring souls out there.

But preserving history and culture shouldn't be difficult with Web 2.0. Just add "tuba".

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The Nashman said...

Excellent! This will fit well with my novel in progress. Along with the Filipinos who ended up in South Africa.