Friday, June 23, 2006

Here's something of a "clonable" poll that generates tagclouds.

Asks you to enter the name of someone whom you think is a trapo. And here's an article to help the reader understand what a trapo is.


JP Loh said...

I still don't know what a trapo is. Are they supposed to be the possible leaders? Or strictly prevented to become one?

I think Federalism is a good idea though. It could help other possible and already growing CBDs in the country (Cebu, Subic[?], and Cagayan de Oro or Davao).

I play this game called Civilization IV by Sid Meier. They have something called distance penalty where cities further from the capital have higher rates of corruption. This seems a real situation (like when the Spanish colonized the Philippines).

If each region had its own capital, maybe the corruption would lessen.

Or maybe where just better of with mobocracy. Ha ha!

joelogs said...

What is a trapo? From yumi omura: "As [ Randy David ] said, we end up having bad leaders because we are celebrity oriented, vote buying is still prominent, we also allow politicians prey on impoverished individuals who need money so they sell their vote just to buy their things. In addition to this we patronize trapos, traditional politicians and charismatic ones rather than finding a bureaucratic politician that is described by Max Weber as the model of modern leaders. Usually trapos are a government official who uses wealth to buy power exploitation of poverty through patronage, treating public funds like his own property."