Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Suddenly I felt the urge to follow through discussions

... in about civet cat coffee poop.

BBC excerpts: "Civet coffee is one of the world's most expensive. In the Philippines, only 500 kg are produced a year and the roasted beans sell for more than $115 a kilogram. Antonio Reyes of the Philippine coffee certifying board, said civet coffee was one of the Philippines' best-kept secrets. It goes through some kind of natural processing which you can see from the roasted beans. It's more oily, there's more aroma and it's such a good taste that you can get value for money even if the cost is so high. Droppings are placed in two containers - for the old ones, which resemble chalky beans, and for the fresh ones, which look like yellow beans in gravy." Beans are rinsed in forest streams and dried under the heat of the sun.

Civet coffee poop is also called "Kopi Luwak" in Indonesia. "Kapeng Alamid" in the Philippines.

Incidentally, that cat goes by the name Musang in Amadeo, Cavite . I remember feeding bananas to 3 pet civet cats I had back in grade school.


The Nashman said...

I tried getting some of these beans but it's so hard to get the realt thing.

I have two coffee trees back home. Do you think it's worth it to get three civet cats as pets?


joelogs said...

Nice to have them as pets. They are omnivorous. But they have a musky smell. I wonder if you fed coffee to your dog. Would it produce dog coffe poop?