Sunday, October 15, 2006 seems to have seen the writing on the wall.

... well, almost.

Joey Allarilla admits "The world is changing. Evolve or die."

How not to die? Some areas they can improve on: allowing online comments (which can be moderated anyway) and inserting more hyperlinks in articles (not to worry, they can keep readers on their website if outgoing links launch in separate windows.)

Oh and perhaps trawl the Internet for references to their articles (I think it's called trackbacks). Yes, and while they are at it, build an rss of those "feedbacks" from their readers. Here's one. There's got to be a lot more out there. Some people might have gotten tired of sending comments the old fashioned way, couldn't wait any minute longer to get a response and just decided to post their thoughts the Web 2.0 way. I sort of felt that way when I wrote letters to the editor once or twice.

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