Thursday, December 21, 2006

I have been using for about a month now.

... so I thought "Why not look under the hood?"

Then I found this: which led me to this (Excerpt follows):

"Elgg is an open source software platform designed to allow people to easily connect and share resources. Elgg allows you to create a social network and host it on your own infrastructure, modifying the features to fit your specific needs. Users establish personal digital identities and connect with other people, collaborate with them and discover new resources through their connections. Plugins allow users on different social networks to collaborate, and provide specific functionality for tasks like project management, mobile browsing and collaboration through user-controlled wikis."
It has good multilingual collaborative translation support. There is one in Filipino. (Sounds like a useful school project. Any takers?)

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Ben Werdmuller said...

Just a quick note: we've stopped using our space on Eduforge and have moved over to Sourceforge, which is where you'll find the most recent version of Elgg.