Friday, December 29, 2006

Meme of the day (year?): Blog-tag

I came across something that had a five-things-about-me spin about a week ago, but hadn't realized it as a meme until I chanced upon a reference to a blogsphere game started by Jeff Pulver. So I will join in.

Five things about me:

  1. I've been hooked on the Internet since 1995
  2. I believe that the Internet teaches people with ADHD to push their personal productivity to a higher plane
  3. I was a special investigator with a government agency in my past life.
  4. I rarely use VOIP, the reason being I have no compelling personal/professional reason to do that yet
  5. I have been an innovation junkie since grade school

Happy New Year!


Jeff Pulver said...

Welcome to the global game of Blog-Tag!

Best wishes for 2007!

Best regards, Jeff

JP Loh said...

Wow, I got tagged. Here's an improvised trackback.

nash said...

i don't mean to be presumptious, but is that 'nashman' me?