Monday, May 28, 2007

Homework sucks?

Not if you have a sense of proportion.

Here's Cory Doctorow's experience with homeworks:

"I was lucky enough to attend excellent, publicly funded alternative schools through my educational career. We had homework, but we were also given a
lot of time for free play, and a lot of free rein to choose our subjects and design our curriculum -- I remember spending half of the fourth grade working my way through two or three math textbooks and the other half designing and writing a parody of MAD Magazine, to the exclusion of all other work. The next grade I ollowed the class for most of the semester, except when I didn't. In high-school, I took a year off, moved to a little house in Mexico, and wrote stories. All of this stuff contributed more to my learning than any amount of worksheets and homework ever could have."

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