Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"IBM Launches Tool to Help Businesses Visualize Social Networks"

From what reads like a press release via
"IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced the availability of IBM Atlas for Lotus Connections, a corporate social networking visualization and analysis tool. IBM Atlas for Lotus Connections is designed to help organizations maximize their investment in social software by answering questions such as who the key experts are on a given topic, how they are connected, and whom a user's contacts know that they do not."
The main toolset elements are listed below:

"The Net component of Atlas provides a visual indication of the important hubs among topic experts and informal groups that have developed while working on similar projects."

" Reach, the social software dashboard feature in Atlas, helps users navigate the up to six degrees of separation that divide them from a colleague." "The Find component of Atlas builds upon core Lotus Connections expertise capabilities by taking searches beyond the corporate directory to include results based on social data such as reporting structures, blogs and communities."

Sounds like Friend of a Friend, tagging, folksonomies, etc from counterpart components in some popular Social Network Sites.

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