Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Zeitgeist: The Movie by Peter Joseph

damien describes it thus:

"(It) simultaneously validates and rubbishes the claims of Andrew Keen: that the web is in the hands of idiots who are systematically destroying 'the truth'."

At once simple and complex. It's War and Peace, rolled into one? Your suggestions are welcome.

Warning: It's a 2-hour movie.

BTW you might need to listen to the this
song while/after watching the movie.


Anonymous said...

One question. Who financed the movie? Follow the money.

MJ said...

Ah ha see that's the point of this movie to get you to think about everything ...I mean everything going on.People are to quick to believe things if they are in books or on t.v.Read on American History books in classrooms.Alot of what is in them is rubbish.