Saturday, May 31, 2008

Perhaps this can help but...

it's rather ironic that claiming retirement benefits from the Philippine Social Security System(SSS) is anything but social.

Here's a colorful rant from a FIL-AM based in he USA trying to claim his pension benefits:
"I can't understand what really freak they want, lagay
ba? or paddrino. These are very simple matters why
they are trying to make it hard. How can they verify
the premiums of my previous companys for my sss
contribution. It will take them forever, maybe some of
them aren't existing anymore and how could they do
that its been 23 or 25 years that's rediculous!
The only company that might be able to give them maybe
the big ones but i am not sure if my name is still in
their files ... "
Now for what this is worth, I could perhaps hook this fellow up to someone who could be of assistance to him and anyone similarly situated. So, buddy, just shoot me an email at joel.yuvienco[at]

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