Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thus Google gets more social

Associated Press reports that Google joins effort to make more Web sites more sociable.

"Google hopes its latest social tools will encourage people to
spend even more time online, giving the company more opportunities to
show the advertising that generates most of its profits."

Time to party? Don't ask me but I don't know who'll come home with a headache.


the jester-in-exile said...

with the continuous improvements in livestreaming and video chat, i think it likely that online social interaction will grow to a level yet unforeseen.

however, until VR is developed, i doubt if it will reach a point where offline interaction will be threatened, so to speak.

to put it simply, a huggy emoticon isn't as satisfying as a real hug. :D

joelogs said...

More than valid point. The word social should have been in quotes. In other words, "get a life(?)".