Thursday, August 07, 2008

Nintendo DS for Learning in Schools

Saw an update on FB about an event called Handheld Learning 2008 where danah boyd, Social Media Scientist, confirmed her attendance. Turns out she's one of the speakers along with John Seely Brown, Radical innovator & former Chief Scientist of Xerox Corp. Turns out, it takes place in London on 13-15 October.

Then I read that "Registrations before July 31st receive a free Nintendo DS and cartridge for use at the conference (and to keep!)." So I thought, "What's with the DS in a conference on learning?" Instinctively, I ran a Google search. And this is what I got.

"Recently, a girl’s junior high school in Tokyo, Japan adopted the Nintendo DS as a means of assisting the teaching of the English Language to their students. Students used the plastic stylus to spell words correctly and were awarded once they completed five levels. The English Language for Japanese program also included video of a teen ordering food in English and dialogue for the students to repeat."
Now I'm wondering about possibilities for Sony PSP.

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