Tuesday, September 23, 2008

E-commerce is incomplete

... without a payment mechanism.

And that can happen when there is an exchange of value, typically involving some form of currency or anything that is "capable of pecuniary estimation". We can talk about private capital or social capital, but the latter is best left to another discussion.

So just to focus on private capital, perhaps one example will do. Disclosure: I have more experience with another payment mechanism for personal business. At the enterprise level, the following "About Us" narration of services that YESpayments - The Payment Processing Professionals offers -- especially in Manila, might just be worth considering.

A little Googling led me to this cached edition:
"About YESPayments™ YESpayments™ is an Internet credit card payment gateway. It accepts credit card transactions from sponsored merchants over the Internet and processes them through Acquiring Banks in Hong Kong and the Philippines. YESpayments™, handles the technical interface, provides risk management information and daily reconciliation. YESpayments™ has been in operation since December 2000. Technology and Security To protect card details as they are sent over the Internet data is encrypted using the Industry standard known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). YESpayments™ uses 128bit SSL, the highest commercially available encryption. YESpayments.com has been independently audited and assessed by a risk management company to ensure compliance with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). In addition, each month, YESpayments™ is “probed” for weaknesses by an independent security company to ensure the highest protection against intrusion."
Now for a more updated version that I freely edit.

YESpayments is designed for organizations that are serious about conducting business on the Internet. Incidentally, it has been processing Internet payments since 2003 in the Philippines, which makes 2008 YES IT Corp's 15th year in the Philippines. Here's one bit of information on what gives real value in any business -- people. "YesPayment offers 24/7 personal support in the Philippines."

Hoping they keep it up.

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