Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Here's an opportunity to hook up with international technologists

Air Jaldi Summit 2006 is a power-packed conference half of a halfway around the world (coming from Manila, that is).

It's going to happen on October 22-25, at Dharamsala, India. Map

[It] will address some of the ways that wireless solutions can be used to provide affordable Internet access in rural communities. The conference will focus on the advantages that wireless networks can provide, by enhancing the quality of education, governance and health-care, increasing economic development, and promoting cultural exchange. Special emphasis will be placed on identifying best practices for rapidly increasing connectivity for regions most in need.

Summit keynoters and speakers will include social activists, IT opinion leaders, philanthropists, and international technology professionals. The AirJaldi Summit will also provide an opportunity for participants to share the lessons learned from the Dharamsala Community Wireless Mesh Network, a successful example of a sustainable technology integration model. With its unique combination of low-cost yet robust technology, community-based implementation, and relatively large scale, the Dharamsala project is an appropriate model for many rural areas around the world.

Now there's got to be a way to be part of the Philippine delegation to the summit. Like I said to Janette Toral: "Actually I am interested and would like to propose that a Philippine delegation be represented there. That could be a valuable opportunity to cascade learnings on Cheap Wi-Fi deployment back home." So she suggested that I blog about this. Right, perhaps it could add to her thoughts about the Pinoy blogging phenomenon.

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