Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Worried about the insidious effect of Friendster, Myspace, Youtube, etc. on students ?

Forget about them for a moment. Elgg - just might make educators welcome social network software in schools. Steve O'Hear reports:

"Described by its founders [Ben Werdmuller and Dave Tosh] as a 'learning landscape', Elgg provides each user with their own weblog, file repository (with podcasting capabilities), an online profile and an RSS reader. Additionally, all of a user's content can be tagged with keywords - so they can connect with other users with similar interests and create their own personal learning network. However, where Elgg differs from a regular weblog or a commercial social network (such as MySpace) is the degree of control each user is given over who can access their content. Each profile item, blog post, or uploaded file can be assigned its own access restrictions - from fully public, to only readable by a particular group or individual."

More about Elgg here. Now can I be part of your Elgg space?

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