Thursday, January 18, 2007

How-to blog without a blog

Use Their "About us" says the following:

"Trailfire is a hosted service that enables anyone to comment on any web page. Place a 'trail mark' on a page with your comments or notes. A trail mark can contain text, images, videos and other media types. When you give several marks the same 'trail name' you are forming your own navigation path on the web. We call this a 'Trail'."
I tried it. Even seems to complement Once you get the plug-in installed (I installed it on Flock and Firefox), and you've registered, you are good to go. You may wish to take a look at "my trailset" on Web2booklet.

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pat ambrosio said...

ito yung isa sa mga type ng application na gusto ko sanang ginagamit ng maraming tao as frequently as blogs and social apps.. ang problem is ang daming lumalabas na tulad nitong app na ito (e.g., sana magkaroon na lang ng standard para kahit anong app pwedeng basahin yung 'trail' sa kahit saang website.