Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Think Global, Act Local

Bruce Einhorn reports that youngsters in China are flocking to homegrown versions of MySpace and YouTube.
"It was the sort of break most Net startups would die for. Chinese tv actress Zhang Yu said notable directors had made her audition on the "casting couch" before giving her roles. To back up her claims, Zhang in November posted videos of two encounters on a Web site called Yoqoo, one of dozens of Chinese YouTube (GOOG) and MySpace wannabes. Thanks to the racy footage--heavily edited to keep things from getting X-rated--traffic on Yoqoo tripled to about 7.5 million video streams a day. "
More here.

Thanks to Anastasia Goldstein.

Perhaps Pinoy Big Brothel (oops Brother) in Manila could start creating "Ayoqo" for casting sessions. Could make the task of star searching more efficient, not to mention democratic(?).

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