Sunday, June 17, 2007

Be careful what you post

"The internet never forgets anything." Thus argues Iain S Bruce.

"Anyone can mess up in real life and recover from the mistake by supplementing it with the sort of good works and solid behaviour that makes people discount their indiscretions, but in cyberspace that moment is frozen in time."

Quoting Paul Allen: "For years to come people will be watching your antics online, but they will do so out of context. That joint you smoked at a student party might well have been a once-in-a-lifetime thing never since repeated, but thanks to the photo a friend put on his web page the event could haunt you for the rest of your days."

This has serious career implications.

In the UK, for example "[a] quarter of the HR decision-makers surveyed admitted to rejecting prospective employees based on personal information found online. "

More seriously, ‘People are losing their jobs, relationships and even their lives as a direct result of exposing so much of themselves online’.

Thus Bruce stresses the need for public education programme focussing on web privacy issues.

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Sonnie said...

but this also has become a questionable practice if HR indeed used blogs as ONLY basis of their decision to not hire.

nevertheless, all must be careful.

The Nashman said...

well, it's up to the blogger really what crap he posts on the web.

i stand by all my posts. it reflects my very morbid sense of humour.

if an HR came to me and said they can't hire me because of my blog, they're unlikely to be my type of people to work for anyway...

joelogs said...

Points well taken. Now I'm wondering how the respective HR departments of Microsoft and Apple would deal with that issue.