Monday, July 30, 2007

Now Web 2.0 is viewed as a challenge

At least that's the impression I get from Bruce W. Dearstyne, of Information Management Journal, in an article where he offers an Enterprise 2.0 overview in a language that should be understandable by IT Managers.

Among the trends he mentioned, one strikes me hard not because of its persistence, but because it resonates someone I consider the doyen of KM:

"The rising importance of knowledge workers, who, according to Tom Davenport in Thinking for a Living, 'have high degrees of expertise, education or experience, and the primary purpose of their jobs involves the creation, distribution and application of knowledge.' Knowledge workers are heavily dependent on information systems and tools to create information and also to access, analyze, exchange and synthesize the information that is the essential precursor of knowledge."

More here.

Now if only more people understood the real driver of KM.

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