Friday, August 24, 2007

Are we approaching a new Renaissance?

Robert Paterson draws a parallel in the corporate setting:
"As in the Medieval world, the King and the Priests control the communications system. It is a one way top down system. The Priests write books that tell the people how clever they and the kings are.

As in the Medieval world, there is no room for observable science. Just as Augustine and Aristotle were held up as authorities, so there are untouchable dogmas about HR and Marketing. Any evidence that machine hierarchies are unnatural is quashed. Heretics are rooted out inside organizations and are threatened into submission, expelled or killed."
Indeed "shareholder value, the customer or the people" remain the end all, be all of any organization's existence.

Now it reminds me of Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman's book "First, Break All the Rules" and its focus on:

"productivity, profitability, employee retention and customer satisfaction" and what seems to be the bottom-line being more about "people", their person, voice and choice.

And Social Software could very well make that happen.

Yet Paterson asks: "So on what terms would this world want to adopt Social Software? It threatens every aspect of the system. For the real business of business is to serve the King."

More here. So where are the White Knights?

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