Saturday, August 04, 2007

"Today's 17-year-olds have never known a world without the Internet"

So what are Higher Education Institutions doing to factor this into their paradigms? Good thing the JISC (in the UK) has launched an inquiry into learner experiences. [via John Burke's Education Project]

Some people ask. Others just do it.

Perhaps adventurous teachers would rather rely more on their gut feel. So they engage their learners via Web 2.0. Don't have time for results of the inquiry? Carpe Diem!

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John Burke said...

I totally agree that adventurous teachers just get on with it - where the network settings of their organisation allow - but the rather less-adventurous sometimes need support, training and encouragement.

Both my article and the JISC survey do not just concentrate on use of Web 2.0 but on the current and future expectations and requirements of learners with respect to all aspects of information technology.

"Sieze the day"; I'm all for it! Help other to do the same. Which is also the purpose of your blog I think!

Best wishes, John