Saturday, February 11, 2006

Wowowee or Kawawa we?

Recently someone conducted a FGD on the economics behind Wowowee. The participants were asked to craft an imaginary headline for the tragedy on February 04, 2006. Below is a partial list of responses:

  • Search for wealth leads to several deaths
  • Poverty leads to calamity
  • Poverty is the Mother of Game Shows
  • High Hopes heavy Fall
  • Wowowee: Sinong nasawi?
  • Money to Die For
  • Chances give hope, poverty kills folks
  • Try and try until you die
  • Tigok Fatay Cla
  • Wowowee Anniversary Poor-polarity
  • Willie of Misfortune
  • Gold Diggers, Death Triggers
  • Wowowee: Free Admission to heaven
  • No Gain, All pain
  • Riches Squishes Wishes
  • Money Money: Mommy nasan na si Daddy?
  • Wowowee: Fahter and Mother Six Feet Under
  • Yamang Limited Supply, 70 patay
  • Gyera sa Rating, nauwi sa Libing

1 comment:

dianne_s said...

the best yung "money,money: nasan na si daddy?" hehehe.