Saturday, March 25, 2006

Are they learning from business models in the Philippines?

According to

Chicago Tribune reports on how large retailers such as OfficeMax and Walgreens
are offering on-premises ink-jet cartridge refilling services. Hewlett-Packard is pretending not to care, but the article says printer supplies account for about 70 of HP's printer business profits, and that 15-20 percent of the supply business has already moved to third-party refillers.

This would naturally hurt sales of new cartridges. Well that's the way the inkjet crumbles. :) Here's more.

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JP Loh said...

I hope that they won't do anything disappointing.

Epson's move against this is that they won't accept your printer for replacement if you used a third-party cartridge even if the printer is still under warranty. I'm not sure if HP and Canon did the same. I felt like it was a decision against consumer rights, specially if the defective part wasn't cartridge-related.