Wednesday, March 08, 2006

This is a bit dated (ca. 2005), you know internet time...

I am talking about the BBC Annotatable Audio Project. simply put, it allows users to tag parts of an audio. Tom Coates does a "show and tell" on the whole idea. Mp3 ID Tagging comes to mind, but that is static. The BBC Project gives the user the ability to play and tell (in text) something about an audio clip at the same time. I am reminded of the Spoken Word project in Northwestern University. As of this writing, the projects are still in R&D (I think).

Perhaps another potential killer social software app. What do you think?

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JP Loh said...

This is not hard to produce since there are already similar implementations.

There are plugins for some media players that analyzes the media and its tags. From the time of the day that it was played, genre, sound patterns, artist, etc. All it needs is tagging.

Man, the time is really soon where computers start giving you advice (getting smarter).