Friday, July 28, 2006

Blog on its way to a brand.

Here is a list of blogs with flesh and blood, but with something unique to offer. They all seem to be naturally building a "social contract" with their respective audiences.

Nash Toledo, look for the royal orange mascot.
JP Loh, his rants pull in a lot of readers, check out his ClustrMap.
Ralph Tirones, I sense something emerging here. Started barely two months ago, yet could sustain about 30 comment exchanges at any given time.

More to follow, time and mood permitting.


ralphT said...

free publicity! lol. nice. thanks! :)

The Nashman said...

Wow, my first endorsement. (Although you gave away my secret identity...)

Er, uhm, I don't think I have an 'audience'. I haven't made new friends with my online diary....:(

JP Loh said...

I'm a big fan of your blog though. I envy your photo ops.