Sunday, July 09, 2006

OK, so friendster won a patent for its social networking application.

But that begs a very basic question. In hindsight (ca. 2003), read on:

"Jonathan Abrams of Friendster raised some eyebrows a few months back when reporters asked him about business models and he started ranting on and on about the patents they planned to get. So now, Hoffman and Pincus have teamed up (without Abrams) to buy the old patent that SixDegrees had many years ago. They're basically hoping to use it as a defensive tactic against any patents Friendster gets. I'm still wondering just what's so innovative about any of these services that deserves a patent, but that's a different debate. [snip] ... this focus on patents, rather than actual innovation, business models or customers suggests some of these services are already on the downswing. The "space" itself hasn't even figured out a revenue model and new sites are showing up every day - and the focus is on who gets the patents? "(emphasis supplied) Source:

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