Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mutatis Mutandis

"I still remember the first time I used the Internet. That was in ___________, and I was using something called ________, a network of [academic institutions]based on____________. ____________ was an acronym for '_______________________.' I was just a curious kid starting to work in the _________________ at the __________________ andour [systems programmer] didn't want to teach me how to use it. So he basically told me to just write '_________________________ ' -- and along came some documentation and I was on my way. And I was fascinated that, when I sent thatcommand to __________________ (which, I think, was a server at _________________ ,) suddenly I was a member of a global community of people who were talking to each other and helping each other out around technology and other issues. I guess I just continued doing that, and continued to be fascinated by the evolution and the need to understand how businesses and society should react to it. "

Adapted from: The Economics of Technology Evolution, Espen Andersen on strategic IT management, European vs US management styles, and Andersen's Two Laws of the Internet. More here.

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