Sunday, September 10, 2006

In celebration of One Internet Day Manila, Cebu, Davao, and One Web Day

... here are the Top 10 Amazing Ways the Web has changed my world.

Amazing Way 1: Forget the necktie. You can work in your pajamas or even in the buff.

Amazing Way 2: You never know who you are chatting with. It has spawned a generation of split personalities.

Amazing Way 3: You come home from work still with the urge to check your e-mail and YM messages and seeing your daughter online you say Hi! and she responds "Where are you now?" You say, you are home.

Amazing Way 4: New learners are way better off than ye olde teachers on emerging skillsets: e.g. searching, connecting, sharing and collaborating. Are we ready for the friendster generation?

Amazing Way 5: You can tutor your kids who live in the boondocks via instant messenger. Did I say boondocks?

Amazing Way 6: You can produce own major radio show with as little as 1 crew - yourself.

Amazing Way 7: You can collect more trash without anyone seeing your collection. Now let's take a look at your 3 Gig thumb drive.

Amazing Way 8: You can "read" while driving - I meant listen to audiobooks downloaded from the Net.

Amazing Way 9: You can avoid manipulative talent managers coz you can head straight to stardom via youtube or myspace.

Amazing Way 10: Now there's hope for high touch in the world of hi tech. Should make us take preserving traditional culture seriously before we lose it.


JP Loh said...

Ah. Boondocks, some people don't know that the word even existed.

digitalfilipino said...

Hi Joel. Thank you for joining this blogging activity. I hope others will follow soon.

eZeR. said...