Friday, September 29, 2006

This is a continuing challenge to the digital immigrants

... aka Baby boomers amongst us, here are the skill sets that are second nature to digital natives (Generations X & Y, et seq.):

  • using search engines
  • inserting links
  • inserting images
  • creating trackbacks (blog about another blog)
  • using aggregators (Read: RSS)
  • using italics, bold face, etc.
  • differentiating media types (avi, mov, 3gp, mp4)
  • unzipping files
all in a broadly collaborative sense.

Suw Charman observes in a larger context:

"We have a glimpse of how this works, but when the MySpace generation comes into business, they will expect this, and they will know better how it works, and how to sidestep the red tape that can get in the way of getting things done."
Now, as for the rest of us, at least perhaps we know how to upload files. So I will ask the 21st century Luddites, as I asked elsewhere: "Are you ready for the friendster generation?"

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