Sunday, September 10, 2006

Revenue structure for community e-center and more

Case study:

Remote Bohol school harnesses sun for Internet access -

"On a monthly basis, the school laboratory-cum-community e-center earns about 5,500 pesos. Four thousand pesos come from the foreign tourists, locals’ use and sharing with the beach resort operators while 1,500 come from students [about 450 students].For their expenses, the facility pays the Internet service provider a monthly flat rate of 3,600 pesos and about 1,000 pesos for physical maintenance of the six computers. The rest is money for the bank."

On a non-financial note, according to UNESCO Asia Pacific Program Officer for ICT Education Benjamin Vergel de Dios:
“For any ICT for basic education program to work, it should answer these questions: How many students does it cover? Does it minimize the workload of teachers? Is it affordable to member-states? Is technology use widespread?” More here.

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