Sunday, September 24, 2006

Web page as art.

Very interesting way to look at your website. Tells you whether a website is primarily underpinned by structure (Yahoo: left) or by content (boingboing: right). Here's the source. Will post mine soon.


JP Loh said...

It's more on markup actually.

Yahoo is still using tables for its layout (bad). Boing boing is using CSS and block-level sections (good). The former is bad because tables weren't meant for layouting. It also causes the page to load longer (waiting for the whole table information complete [IE only]).

Therefore, less red and more green means that your website is properly crafted. Exceptions to pages that really has lots of tables (with the proper use, i.e. reports,etc).

This is a good graphic representation though. You could see the graph grow as it parses the page (checked DLS-C's website because it was supposed to be tableless until the design was murdered with tables). I find it funny that the code comment that we left, "This is a beta site", is still there.

I'd like to see a graph that follows links up to the sixth degree.

Chris said...

hi joel. let me know how you want to proceed on the rocked suggestion of yours. sorry got very busy with strat planning stuff, and i just got back from the US. chris