Friday, September 08, 2006

This a test run of the blogging feature of the Browser Flock

Some notes:

It has a holder at the bottom for notes, snippets, photos that you can drag around, save for future use. E.g.

Web-20: See what people are saying right now on Technorati

You can even save your drafts on your computer.

Also export your news feeds in OPML format.

Add newsfeeds (e.g. rss)

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JP Loh said...

How well does it go with the standards? Any problems with AJAXed pages?

Oh and yeah, does it have extensions?

joelogs said...

Don't know much about the standards but it is firefox-based. Ajaxed pages seem to render pretty predictably. My only problem is that I could not edit the title when I return to blogger to make some fine tuning of the post up. As to extensions, dunno if it has something of a set of greasemonkey extensions. Perhaps their are working on them. Do try it out. This can be a perfect platform for teaching blogging in situ, especially for newbies.