Sunday, February 18, 2007

Attributes for the global leader of the 21st century

A thought starter, in a social entrepreneur group post to get a "Wisdom of Crowds" idea of "what attributes of character and/or competency would prove crucial for better addressing the complex global issues of today" had the following initial questions:
  • What kind of leaders do we need to address complex global issues?
  • Where would they come from?
  • What sort of training would they need?
  • How should they act?
  • Resources to muster?
  • Thoughts to share?
  • Skills to master?
Someone in the group chimed in with:
  1. Intelligence (to grasp complex facts and see simple solutions)
  2. Humility (to accommodate varying viewpoints)
  3. Gravitas (to have a physical or virtual presence that people want to follow)
  4. Good Luck (to be in the right place at the right time)
Another fellow added "curiosity, though it is probably impossible to be intelligent and humble without being curious. nevertheless I would like to add it, intellectual curiousity, the desire to learn" then suggested having a short list to be ranked according to the criteria on say a scale of 1-10:

e.g. Maggie Thatcher
  • Intelligence 7
  • Humility 1
  • Intellecual curiosity 3
  • Gravitas 8
  • Good Luck 10 (the Falklands War saved her from electoral defeat early in her prime ministership)!
or Jimmy Carter
  • Intelligence 7
  • Humility 7
  • Intellectual curiosity 7
  • Gravitas 5
  • Good luck 0 (the Iran hostage crisis)
Then a third participant zeroed in on, who else, but:

George W Bush
  • Intelligenge 7
  • Humility 0
  • Intellectual Curiosity 0
  • Gravitas 1
  • Good Luck... (toss-up between 0 and 10)
Now I am looking at creating an xls worksheet for a more methodical approach. I hope I find the time to do it soon. Could perhaps use that on GMA of the Philippines or even the "Senatoriables" since election fever has just kicked in.

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