Wednesday, February 28, 2007

OpenID basics

I noticed that Explode had implemented OpenId, which I thought of using but had not completely comprehended so I did some searching around.

Then I found a January 3, 2007 Read/WriteWeb article wherein Emre Sokullu and Richard MacManus talk about "the distributed identity management system, a.k.a. a decentralized single sign-on platform" with a "screencast to better explain the idea". They also tossed in "a more detailed explanation, focusing particularly on Yahoo and Google" for good measure.

Current state of play: "The number of sites that implement OpenID is low for the time being." Here's a very short (barely 40 items) OpenID directory. I just don't know if it's the publicity, neutrality, user appeal or trust factor. Remains to be seen.

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JP Loh said...

The last link is really helpful. A complete suite of "web2" sites already adopted it. Zoomr, Magnolia and LJ is one good combination.

I'm wondering if this is a Gravatar competitor though.